About Business Transformation and IoT

About Business Transformation Progammes

Many organisations have aspirations to grow in terms of performance, capabilities and talent, however day-to-day business pressures can often cause business imperatives to get lost, particularly when there is not an obvious or single point of accountability.  

A business transformation programme works across different business functions to bring focus, accountability and practical programme structure to enable businesses to turn aspirations into material business benefits. However, it's not just about the task. It is equally important to bring people together around a clear vision with a common goal to build momentum that enables sustainable change and motivated teams.

About IoT Business Transformation

IoT offers opportunities for companies to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their operations, and develop new products and services for their customers. 

The emerging IoT technologies enable organisations to remotely monitor and control systems, analyse data and automate processes.  However, an organisation also needs to transform it's operating model to ensure that the investment in new technology delivers better decisions, timely actions and improved results.

About Paul

Paul is a highly experienced leader with a track record of delivering major transformation programmes and business development initiatives in the hi-tech industry over the past 30 years.  

He has a deep understanding of IoT, the business opportunities and risks it presents to an organisation and has operated at multiple levels including managing a portfolio of major programmes, hands-on delivery of individual programmes, implementation of programme offices and governance models.  

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e : paul@paulkillick.co.uk